Welcome to my blog, just another needle in the haystack!

Well, it’s 2017, what does the world need? Yeah, apparently just another blog, as if there were not tons of them already? So..

I don’t really know, why I’m writing this in here, because from my experience, this first blog post will hardly be read anyways, so I could just put the following into a separate about-this-blog-page. However, as it will probably take time that you people will cross this blog, I guess there’s nothing wrong about having a little blog post as this, juuuust as a little filler, so that this page won’t look so empty ?? 😀

Sooo, about this blog now. Who knows how it’s going to be because plans always change. But my “idea” about this blog is, that it’s goin to deal about relationships of any kind, places, food, self-improvement/-awareness, and DIY.
My view of this world is more of a holistic approach and I love it when science meets what other people would consider as “esoteric”..

So far as an introduction… Stay tuned.. 😉

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