The beautiful things in life? What is that?

the beautiful things in life, singing butterfly vanessa metzger

The beautiful things in life, somehow this reminds me of something. Well, as an attentive reader you will have already noticed, the post is referring to my blog’s subtitle. As a matter of fact, the meaning of „the beautiful things in life“ is very broad, indefinite and can be everything and nothing, so I feel obliged to give a brief introduction of what I mean with being beautiful.

For me personally, I enjoy the little details of life. I can fall in love with a tiny detail, that is not noticed by anyone else around. Maybe they are not noticing it because they are not appreciating. I am!

This can be a bumble bee drinking from a drop, after a summer rain. The warm kiss of the sun,  when you are sitting on your balcony and just feel at ease with yourself,  an interesting talk that you had with a stranger, sitting in an airplane and the one next to you is reading the same kind of book – in my case it was Tony Robbin’s „Awaken the Giant within„.

One of my favourite encounters of the beautiful things:

I was walking at the harbour in Queenstown, New Zealand, the sun is shining in my face and from the speakers of a restaurant, I hear one of my all time favourite classic song that just HAS to make you feel happy when you hear it: „Don’t stop believing“ from Journey. This music, the title’s message, the sun, all this made me feel uplifted and light. Then, just a couple of footsteps after that song hit my ears, a big guy is crossing my way. Wearing a black T-shirt that says in squiggled letters „Don’t stop believing“.
Bam! Right in my face!
I just love stuff like this and I like the universe’s humour. This coincidence (?!) is will be kept always in my heart and is one of my favourite magic moments I encountered ♥