It’s time for a creative break – my first DIY project for my blog — YAYY!

diy notepad refurbish get creativeWelcome to my first DIY tutorial!

It is a quite easy DIY, does not take a long time and the outcome makes your life a little bit more beautiful 😉 Check here for my post on the beautiful things in life.
I consider my new notepad as a luxury item. Why? The notepad was totally serving its purpose. You could take it, write notes in it, rip out a page, etc. But was it pleasing to look at it? Naaaah!! Well, at least not for me. Was it reflecting my personality? For sure not!
Now – it’s flattering my eye.

I got to this project by a coincidence. It was one of the nice sunny early spring days, where many people decide to clean their cars. Therefore we shouldn’t have been surprised by the crowd that we encountered at the self-service car wash. While we were cleaning up the interior of the car, my boyfriend found a notepad and asked me if I wanted to have it, otherwise, he would throw it away. As I don’t like unnecessary trash too much, I had to have it, of course… In addition, it had quite a nice size for shopping lists.

DIY: How to upcycle an ugly giveaway notepad


  1. prepare to get creative
  2. grab a once snatched free notepad
  3. chose a nice cover for your new stylish future notepad **
  4. grab some scissors and/or cutting knife
  5. get your glue

** this can be anything (see point 1, get creative) a page from a magazine, a printed photograph with your bestie/mom/dog/cat/love/favourite dish, an old postcard from the flea market, a new postcard (cuz why should we always go vintage, right?), a piece of cloth, …

The fun part of your DIY, dive into the creative break

  1. carefully take out the notepad’s front page
  2. make a stencil from the front page on something like an old newspaper
  3. chose and mark the section for your cover
  4. cut out your new cover
  5. glue your cover on the old cover
  6. press it between books and leave it to dry
  7. perforate the holes with something sharp
  8. take a pencil to get the punched holes free
  9. use scissors to finish off the punched holes
  10. insert your new cover to your notepad

→  If you feel like going pro, you may as well refurbish the back cover [ I actually just flipped it ]. For extra clean edges and precise holes, use a cutting knife. Place the pencil from the front to the inner side of the cover and cut off the excess while cutting against the pencil, watch out for your fingers!


I hope you got a nice inspiration and I am glad to see your outcomes!

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