Procrastination, staying stuck and time wasting

Procrastination, staying stuck and time wasting

Does any of this seem familiar to you?

You want to do or achieve something but all what is happening is, that you are wasting time by either working slow, putting tasks on the back burner, getting distracted by other things/tasks or just start a project and then it’s left for eternity? 😉
Well, I for sure have those problems and it’s not doing me any good – not a surprise, right? It’s even to such an extend that I find myself putting stuff on hold that would actually do me good financially. I am obligated to make a tax declaration every year but haven’t done it for 2015, because I actually haven’t been in Germany. I haven’t deregistered in Germany, so the tax office assumes that I have been working and didn’t pay any taxes and thus just ESTIMATED how much I had earned in 2015 and collected almost 3000 € of Taxes for 2015. I hope I can get this money back, if I just declare that I have been abroad for one and a half years, but apparently not even the money is motivating me, to get to write a letter to them. Actually, it’s even the same for the year 2014, the only difference is they have estimated a way lower amount. And it’s not that I have so much money that I wouldn’t mind paying unreasonable taxes.

I think it’s quite telling, that while I have been writing the above paragraph, I have been stopping writing about 5 times to watch videos on youtube about procrastination — although I initially just wanted to search for a video with some nice anti-procrastination meditation music. Kind of ironic, I would say. But okay, I’ll try to finish this blog post and publish it as well today (I started a handful of posts that were left for eternity).

Procrastination has been a part of my life for such a long time and NOW I wanna change that. I have already wanted that before, but guess what, I started/tried to change and then slipped back into old habits. This time, it needs to be done differently (isn’t this what every student is saying, when a new semester/school year begins? 😉 ).

Recently, I have been reading about this – in a very broad sense. The latest boom of webinars also contributed to that. For more productivity, I practiced again some Speed Reading which I tried already twice in my life, the first time more than 15 years ago. And I did some research on hypnosis, also checked out some local offers on those discounted coupons you can get online and I am considering trying this on my next trip back to Berlin. Another thing that I’ve always liked is the concept of affirmations – statements that you simply have to tell to yourself to change your mindset and your way of thinking by being “placed” into your subconcsious thinking. So one affirmation versus procrastinating could be “Do it now”.

Our mindset is constructed by ourselves, our thinking and our expectations define our actions and their outcomes – I’d like to quote Henry Ford on that:
“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right”

There is this one example, that I find quite mesmerizing – I read it in Tony Robbins’ book “Awakening the Giant within”, a self-help book on “How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Physical and Emotional Self”. So this fascinating case is that from 1945 to 1954 the world record for running one mile was 04:01.4 minutes and it was believed, that it is impossible to crack the “4 minute mark”. Yet in 1954 Roger Bannister made it happen, 3:59.4 – less than four minutes.
The mindset was restricted by a LIMITING BELIEF, namely “It is impossible” to crack the four minute mark”. When Bannister did actually prove that it is possible, one year later another 37 runners took less than four minutes — at least this is stated in Robbins’ book. However, on Wikipedia – such a reliable source 😉 – there is the list of the registered world records ) and I reckon it’s noteworthy nothing happened between 1945 and 1954, but after Bannister broke the 4-minute mark, the record was beat continually.

There is a German saying that is also describing this quite good:

“Alle sagten, das geht nicht. Dann kam einer, der wusste das nicht und tat es einfach.”

“Everybody said, it’s not possible. Then someone came who didn’t know that, and he just did it.”

I remember I didn’t really understand this, when I heard this the first time as a child. But I really like this saying, I think I even prefer this over Henry Ford’s quote, as this one is more ironic. At least I feel it’s mocking people a little bit 😀

I realize my concentration is coming to an end, and as I fear I could be tempted to press pause on writing the blog post and will never publish it then, I will come to an end now XD

I just wanna leave some positive affirmations for myself and for you.

Affirmations against Procrastination

I will take instantly action to achieve my goals

I am worthy

Do it now

I deserve to get what I want

Move constantly forward

I complete tasks

I am actively designing my future

Welcome to my blog, just another needle in the haystack!

Well, it’s 2017, what does the world need? Yeah, apparently just another blog, as if there were not tons of them already? So..

I don’t really know, why I’m writing this in here, because from my experience, this first blog post will hardly be read anyways, so I could just put the following into a separate about-this-blog-page. However, as it will probably take time that you people will cross this blog, I guess there’s nothing wrong about having a little blog post as this, juuuust as a little filler, so that this page won’t look so empty ?? 😀

Sooo, about this blog now. Who knows how it’s going to be because plans always change. But my “idea” about this blog is, that it’s goin to deal about relationships of any kind, places, food, self-improvement/-awareness, and DIY.
My view of this world is more of a holistic approach and I love it when science meets what other people would consider as “esoteric”..

So far as an introduction… Stay tuned.. 😉